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Updated: Apr 17, 2022

The idea for USAnglers was brought about during conversations around fishing. Chuck had the idea of creating fishing gear with a patriot feel and wanted everything to be made in the USA. We had both used other brands, but everything was made in other countries than our own. We wanted the products to be American made. No other popular brand that we knew of was made in the USA. We figured it was time for Americans to have quality fishing apparel made in America. The name came about after Chuck made it clear of the expectations of the brand. It had to stay in America and had to speak to patriots. We kept looking at USA and trying to figure out how we make our brand speak to it’s origins. We finally came up with USAnglers. It was perfect. I have known Chuck for a very long time. We grew up in New Braunfels, Texas and went to the same schools during our childhood. We were lucky enough to be surrounded by water. We had the Comal river, Guadalupe river and Canyon Lake to play and fish. Our love for fishing just grew as we got older. We would venture to Port Aransas, Port O'Connor, Port Mansfield, and Rockport to fish in salt water with friends and family. We have caught all kinds of species of fish and still have more on our bucket lists. We have even been fishing in Alaska. We landed some salmon and big halibut there. Chuck and his wife Paige live in Louisiana now on a great canal leading to lake Pontchartrain. I like to visit them and fish with them. We always seem to catch something. One if the best times was when we went out in Lake Pontchartrain and caught a bunch of Redfish. I have always loved fishing apparel and the unique designs if other brands, but again, all are made outside our great country. We want to provide quality fishing apparel products that keep America going. We want our brand to stand out by being made in the USA. We want to spread patriotism through fishing. I believe our brand can do that. USAnglers American fishing gear needs to be a household name in America. It is different because it American made. It’s different because it’s ran by Patriots for Patriots. The adventure begins! Costa Rica here we come!!!

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